Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

 A few weeks ago we went ovet to our friend, Megan and Joseph's house for a double date. We had heart shaped pizza and played games! These people are great and we had a ton of fun!

On Valentines Day, Chase made me heart shaped pancakes, brought me a rose and chocolates to work and also make this giant valentine in the snow. Later that night we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner (waited FOREVER to be seated). He was a great Valentine!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

What do you do during the winter in Rexburg? Go Sledding.

We have made a few trips up to Bear Gulch this winter. It is up in the mountains, so the drive is beautiful and so much fun! There was a ton of snow up there! The first time we went, there were a few feet and the second time we went, there was a few more feet! There was snow up to my waist! Anyways, it was fun. I hope you enjoy a few pictures of our trip! These pictures are only from our first trip, just imagine a few more feet of snow and that's how it looked at our second trip. Welcome to Idaho!

Kaylie using my old pool raft for sledding (it worked pretty good!)

Chase and I standing in front of the sledding hill.

Of course we had to take a break from sledding and bury Chase in the snow. 

The snow was so deep! The one leg is straight down in the snow and the other one is resting on top of the snow. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Long past due...

I know, I know, I know! Everyone is thinking that Chase and I got married over 5 months ago and I am just now starting this blog?! Well, I actually started it BEFORE we got married. It took me a while to figure out how to navigate around and to design the blog. Thanks to my sister, Bridget, for some helpful hints, I finally got this thing started! I just want to do a brief overview of the past 5 months in pictures. Hope you enjoy the blog! I will try my very best to actually post!

Chase and I on our honeymoon in Florida!! It was so much fun!!

After we got back from Florida, we went to Boise for Chase's family reunion. This is us about to go rafting!

Took a weekend trip to visit our friends in Bear Lake. So much fun and really pretty!

We went to Jackson, WY to go to the Bar-J-Wranglers with Megan and Joseph.

This is our famous Halloween party. I hate to admit it, but Kaylie and Roland showed us all up!

I chopped my hair off! And this is at Thanksgiving dinner with my mother and Aunt Pete. Steak dinner for Thanksgiving and no dishes? Yes please! We had a traditional Thanksgiving the weekend before with my brother and his family. 

Our very first Christmas tree, compliments of my mother. We are treated way too well!

Chase and Roland made it into the Best of Show on campus. This is not a picture of that event, but this is their performance that got them in. They rocked it!

One of my best friends, Kaylie, got married in St. George Utah! So happy for her and Roland!

We made it to Temple Square to see the lights before Christmas. We also got to see some people from Chase's mission. Good times :)

And finally, we spent Christmas at Chase's parent's house up in Boise. This is the pie making contest that we had...and naturally Chase and his brother Roman fed their father a nice slice of butter pretending it was a piece of pie when it was his turn to taste test. And I might as well put it out there that Chase got first and I got second in the pie making contest! It was a good time!

I know that was a very brief overview of our few short months of marriage, but hopefully I can keep on top of things and give everyone a little more details. Apartment is great! Ward is great! Work is great (for both Chase and I)! Marriage is great! Life is great! That is pretty much all you need to know :)